Host a Fellow


Developed over years through more than 140 fellowship projects with 80 government agencies across the country, our program model is designed to unlock new solutions to the toughest challenges in our communities.

With each project, these are the ways in which we work with local government agencies towards their most important goals.


Design a project.

City leaders know their challenges better than anyone. Our role is to help co-design a project with specific deliverables that’s ambitious yet achievable for a full-time executive fellow given one year of on-site work.

Recruit the right talent.

We conduct a national executive search for each unique project, narrow the pool from hundreds of candidates, and help identify the talented executive who will hit the ground running on day one to make sure the project achieves its impact goals.

Accelerate the project.

Throughout the year, FUSE team members work closely with each fellow and government partner, providing coaching and support to help ensure that projects achieve their highest potential for impact.

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